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Convocation of Champions 2018

Australia’s First Gathering of Champions

20 October 2018

9.30AM – 2.00PM

Mills Park Centre (86 Brixton St, Beckenham WA 6107)



20 October 2018

9.30AM – 2.00PM

Mills Park Centre (86 Brixton St, Beckenham WA 6107)


we define champions as people who win when they lose, win when they win, and win every single time after that.

20 October 2018

Mills Park Centre (86 Brixton St, Beckenham WA 6107)

What is Convocation of Champions?

Convocation of Champions (COC) 2018 is an open community forum that will expand our insights of the several ways leaders or change makers across Australia and beyond have transformed their lives, communities, nations and the world. It is a thought-provoking, inspirational, and motivational event that provides participants with an opportunity to learn from men and women who are having a positive impact in the world. It is designed to change the life of every participants and motivate them to live life to its fullest while fulling their destiny.
COC 2018 is a not for profit-based initiative for lucrative purposes. 
                      Entry is free of charge. Click here to register                                                                                                                         

COC 2018 is not a typical motivational speaking or leadership event, but an opportunity to re-ignite people’s passion and purpose for greater achievements individually and professionally. It inspires to take action now and focuses on capacity building.

Intellectual Property

COC 2018 is a concept developed by AM AUS Consulting which offers innovative and professional services under three (3) important themes: Leadership, Diversity and Civics. It has a strong community empowerment focus and achieves this through training, research and connecting (engagement).
AM AUS Consulting will be in partnership with other stakeholders in the delivery of COC 2018.


COC 2018 work rotates around four areas of competencies also referred to as the PRAC Model:





The PRAC Model is designed to shift the focus from life, community and professional problems to innovative solutions. It encourages participants to know the problem, but focus on the solution and possibilities.

Check out a list of our outstanding national and international speakers


COC 2018 is designed for aspiring and established community and professional leaders. COC 2018 believes in social inclusion of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; people with a disability and other relevant categories

Cost & Registration

Attendance is free-of-charge but upon registration with a valid entry ticket.

Click here to register.

Mode of Delivery

COC 2018 will provide an opportunity to learn through plenary sessions discussing captivating topics and featuring inspiring and credible leaders, break-out sessions designed to gain in-depth knowledge, panel discussions with change-makers and influential leaders; and informal discussions.


The Opportunity

COC 2018 is an unparalleled cross-cultural learning experience, which blends social interaction, leadership thoughts, life and professional experiences with motivational speaking and leadership lessons. COC 2018 is a great networking opportunity, which allows participants to establish long lasting relationships with relevant stakeholders, potential mentors, and peers for positive impact in their lives, careers and communities

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